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This is the information side of the business. https://jacksonproductivity.com is the commercial site, consulting for manufacturing productivity.

This site provides the tools that are very useful to implement all the practical techniques, the nitty gritty tools to improve productivity. Such tools as free time study forms, free plant layout examples, downloadable articles about productivity’s many subjects.

In 2023, this page is being assembled from Word and  Excel files.  Time study first, then layouts, then guidance. And when that is done, we’ll add occasionally.


The menu program from this page editor either doesn’t appear, or may produce gibberish, sorry about that. Please use the following to find the page you prefer.

Home page    https://jacksonproductivity.net/

Books on Manufacturing productivity   https://jacksonproductivity.net/books-on-manufacturing-productivity/

Free time study forms   https://jacksonproductivity.net/work-measurement

Layout examples, Manufacturing Areas https://jacksonproductivity.net/free-plant-layouts/

Layout examples, Facility Planning   https://jacksonproductivity.net/facility-planning

Guidance for Capacity and Constraints  https://jacksonproductivity.net/manage-constraints

Guidance for Plant Layout   https://jacksonproductivity.net/guidance-layout

Guidance for Work Measurement  https://jacksonproductivity.net/guidance-work-measurement

Reshoring  Onshoring  Rightshoring   https://www.jacksonproductivity.com/reshore-onshore-rightshore/ is on the dot com site, good advice for this time in history.



Jack Greene       843-422-1298,      https://jacksonproductivity.com



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